Born in 1966 in the suburb of the Bronx, Sylvia White has long since left her birth state of New York, and now calls South Carolina ‘home.'

Accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1977 was just the beginning of this author’s lifetime of commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. 

Mrs. White holds to her credit over 34 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education.  Having taught in both the public and private school systems, she holds an Associates Degree in Theology and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Christian Education.  A major player within her community, Sylvia served four years as the School Improvement Council Chairperson, is the Community Representative at one of the cities High School Improvement Council, and the Co-Chair person of the cities Unity Day Board.  And to further support her community she is also a qualified trainer at ‘The Center for Child Care Career Development’.  She has appeared locally on WLCN TV All About the Kingdom with Stephanie Green, WJNI Radio 106.3 with Bryan Seabrook and is currently the Executive Producer of Kingdom Girls, the Producer of Kingdom Kids TV that aired on WLCN-TV/CTN, and has done several teleseminars and blogtalk radio interviews on having a heart of faithfulness and other topics. With her ministry focus on the future leaders of this world, Mrs. White and her husband Jerry (under the direction of their mentors and pastors Dr. Dexter and Lady Leisa Easley), are the directors of “Extreme Children’s Ministry”; an electrifying ministry for children ages 5-12. 

Author of “The First Year Teacher” and “The Heart of Faithfulness”, Sylvia also adds to her repertoire numerous short children’s stories, pre-school curriculums and is presently the director of the New Life Christian Academy of Goose Creek, SC. 


Description: Faithfulness is the key to your journey to your destiny. So many people over look this fact and consequently find themselves wondering why they are not reaching their goals and why their destinies are delayed in life. In this book, Sylvia White will help you find out how important this key is in reaching your Destiny.

Authors Chat:

Why write a book on faithfulness? People these days do not take value in staying committed to God, their family, their church, and their jobs/business and relationships. They do not understand that true prosperity comes because somebody stayed faithful to their passion or what God had called them to do and as a result they received the reward of prosperity and fulfillment.

Sylvia you covered several areas on faithfulness in your book, which one of those areas reflects your life? My faithfulness to God. I received Christ in my life at 11 years old and since then there was no turning back. Have I made mistakes yes, but I never let God go. I have always reaped the rewards of being faithful to Him because He is so faithful to me.

Sylvia in your book you speak about enduring in faithfulness, tell us a little bit about that? Being faithful is not an easy commitment and you have to endure through it. When you know your passion, you have to pursue the passion, and then live the passion and all of that takes being faithful to the passion. You can’t give up because if you do you won’t be able to live in your passion which is part of the reward of faithfulness. That could be in your marriage, family, church, business, or job.

Sylvia what would you tell someone who has had a problem with being faithful? With God all things are possible. Take an inventory of their life and take small steps everyday in becoming faithful in that area. Remember just like losing weight, becoming faithful in area takes working on it every day. I would also recommend finding a trust worth accountability partner that can help you become faithful.


Chronicles of a Walk with Christ

The Heart of Faithfulness


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