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Author Exclusive with Trinisa M.Pitts, is a native of Syracuse, NY.  A Woman of GOD, she is a wonderful role model and mother of two beautiful Daughters.  Jasmine L. Knighton 24 yrs old, of Portsmouth Virginia and Dejanaire R. Taylor 22 Yrs old of Schenectady, NY.  She is a member and Assistant Secretary of Shield of Faith Ministries, in Syracuse, NY where Pastor Willie L. Sanders and 1
ST Lady Patricia Sanders resides.  Trinisa started her journey of true and diligent healing in January 2011.  She decided then to let go and let God handle her life.  She started her childhood dream of becoming a writer in 2011, with her first contribution in Chronicles of a Walk with Christ.  Once she opened up and unleashed that first chapter, the words just begun to flow like a river. Her own Autobiography will be released in April 2013 The Essence of Me “Life After the Pain”

Author Pitts is also a contributing writer in three other book collaborations. She is a poet, and one of her featured works will be published in Pure Thoughts Volume 4 Poetry Book.  She loves to motivate others to move forward, and does so on all of the social media pages.  Which lead her to become a columnist for the local Scotsman Newspaper in Syracuse, NY.  She has been featured on Spiritual Food for thought Blog Talk radio show, and also has been featured in The Business 101 Magazine, and Magazine.  In addition to all of her writing accomplishments, Trinisa Ran in her first Woman’s 5k race in September 2012.  Her words of encouragement to her readers:  Never give up on your dreams.  Always reach for your goals. Push forward and past your adversaries.  In everything you do, do it to the best of your ability and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worthy.

As the readers begins to turn the pages of this book.  They will be consumed into the writer’s life.  They will begin to see through the patterns of the chapters that it has been written with a certain purpose.  The purpose of this book is to let the readers know; if your life has been filled with heartaches and pains.  Struggles and insecurities even if you had to fight with your impurities.  God can turn a Mess into a Masterpiece.  God loves us flaws and all.  So don’t give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Keep walking towards your deliverance.

God has placed a seed inside each and every one of us; this seed is what is called our gift.  Once we let go and let God take over our lives, our gifts will become clearer to us.  Do some inner soul searching and find your core being.  Find your gift. Find the real YOU.

Trinisa M. Pitts Autobiography: “The Essence of Me Life After The Pain”

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