How was Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club-FAB birthed?

Having an understanding that ministry goes beyond the four walls of church…

In the 21st Century, the church(s) dynamic was rapidly changing, as was technology. The internet and social media/networking became the new outreach for ministry and the up building of God’s kingdom. Unsure if I wanted to use this new outlet of communication, I prayed seeking God’s direction. I did know however, that whatever I did, I wanted it to have a purpose. It was then that God gave me the vision! There-after Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club was born ministering to people across the globe! Not yet realizing the magnitude of this new ministry, God used FAB to reach the multitudes, with our first member being from Kenya, Africa.  

What would you say is your connection with these Christian Authors (of today) that you feature?

As a walking Epistles in this journey that we call life, I truly believe that we all have a story to pen, share and be heard. As a writer and author myself, I find that most people don’t realize that writing is not only a gift, but also a ministry. The challenge that we face as authors, is getting the message and word out to the masses. Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club(FAB) is an outlet to bridge the gap in the mission to minister to the unbeliever as well as Christians of all denominations.

What messages come across in our featured Author spots?

Turning the pages and getting to know our featured Christian Authors, opens the door for discussions on real life experiences that both the believer and non-believer endure. Most of these topics are translated through the ‘power of the pen’ by these authors transparency, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Not only are subject matter such as divorce, racial division, child abuse, rape, domestic violence, etc… discussed, but the tools on how to overcome such dilemmas are given in the natural sense, as well as in the spiritual. This platform allows others to share their testimony, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences in order to Edify, Equip, and Empower someone else in knowing they are not alone. Through such Author chats and book discussions, with God as the orchestrator, and a mustard seed of Faith, someone can be brought into their breakthrough.

What’s next for Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club (FAB) & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio?

Proud to announce that "Spiritual Food For Thought Radio," is the 1st Runner Up in BlogTalkRadio's BTR Summer Quotes Contest!!  "When you want something you never had, you got to do something you never done. Let today be the first steps towards your goals, your calling, your deliverance, your freedom ultimately your destiny and Purpose."~Missionary LàTanyha

I’ve had the great pleasure to make the acquaintance of some prolific and gifted Christian Authors across the world. Our continued mission is to reach the masses from all walks of life across the world in bringing you, the listener, and reader programs of encouragement, faith, ... healing, peace, love & laughter through the word of God. For More Information: