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Sista-Girl Round Table Talk welcomes Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer Alicia Waters! Alicia is a Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer, who serves in multiple roles such as a leadership transition coach, minister, radio personality and speaker and author. She uses her self-branded name as a statement which means that she waters the greatness in others.

In her book Abundance U R IT! She takes her readers on a spiritual and practical journey by helping them to realize that they are in a place where manifestation happens first. It’s abundance inside out. Her passion is for helping emerging leaders reach unlimited possibilities through her works called Divine Butterflies, Jonah-preneurs and simple concepts called “ Mini Ways to Abundance”. Alicia is currently developing a new mini-work called Wealth & Wellness Like a Hand and Glove.

Alicia is the founder of both her twin services The Bridge Connection & Mini-Ways to Abundance and ministry Truth Waters! Using her name as an elemental self-branded statement she waters the world and demonstrates this powerful dynamics of sharing biblical, spiritual and universal principles to teach emerging leaders how to embrace their true abundant nature so that they can lead by example. She also is the founder of the next women’s leader revolution Women of Great Influence!

Over the years Alicia has become a recognized media personality through her former roles as a newscaster and Christian talk show host (Seeds-N-Good Soil) for 1600 AM WXVI in Montgomery AL. She has established a dynamic online presence through her speaking and hosting teleseminars events, along with her current Blogtalkradio programs Cross Your Bridge and Abundance: U R IT! Radio Summit and Manifesting Monday’s on talkshoe.com. Among her educational accomplishments, Alicia holds a certificate in Radio & Television Broadcasting from Trenholm State Technical College (Montgomery, AL), a BS Degree in Bible with a minor in Media Communication from Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University in Knoxville, TN), and a BA in Biblical Studies from Beacon University (Columbus, GA). She is currently pursuing dual studies in the fields of paralegal/legal assistant and medical assistant.