Value Who You Are

Something we all yearn for as human beings, is to be loved. Relationships keep us all connected. However, the keys to a healthy, blooming, happy relationship are not always as obvious as they should be. Clutch Your Pearls, Girl!, written by Stephanie McKenny is a wonderful book full of tools and guidelines on how to conduct yourself as a Woman (of Virtue), and how to go about relationships with the leading of God.

Clutch Your Pearls, Girl!, not only gives women principles on how to conduct themselves/herself, but also gives women insight on the signs that a relationship may be unhealthy or leading down a wrong path. Author Stephanie McKenny, metaphorically uses the value of Pearls, to bring awareness to women on the importance of first valuing yourself and who God made you to be.

Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! By Stephanie McKenny is a wonderful read that can be taken further than the pages of the book; Perfect for mentors and mentees, mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces etc....~Missionary Là Tanyha of Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio