Maximize Your Full Potential,

Award-Winning Author Adrienna Turner gives us key steps on how to maximize our full potential. One of which is by writing our vision down; in so doing, greater understanding of your God given purpose can be gained. God is in the Equation, is a study guide full of key nuggets to strengthen your thought process and broaden your horizon, while building a closer relationship with God. Within each thought provoking chapter, you must take a step back to reflect, redirect, then move and drive forward by faith.

Within the book, Turner shares her life journey with us, to gaze upon. Looking through the transparency of the author's journey, readers may/can learn that life does happen however, keeping God in the Equation is the foundation.

"God is in the Equation," is definately spiritual food for thought as you begin to turn the pages and discover your destiny is at your finger tips.
~Missionary Là Tanyha of Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio