Spiritual Food for Thought

Sometimes our journey of Faith needs a jolt of spiritual food for thought; That's exactly what I received by reading Sistergirl Devotions! Carol has nailed it in, feeding off of real life situations that are relatable....

I was given Sistergirl Devotions by my best friend for encouragement, as I had recently been promoted on the job and was experiencing some challenges. I praise God for the words of wisdom and guidance that Carol Mackey has penned. Sistergirl Devotions: Keeping Jesus in the Mix While on the Job, is a must read. Add it to your library.

Not too long ago one of my co-workers was going through some hardships and I had blessed her with a copy. It was a week later, that my co-worker walked up to me and expressed how Sistergirl Devotions had empowered as well as inspired her. She said that by reading this book changed her outlook on certain situations. She also mentioned how the scripture reference was easy for her digest. This is definitely a must read. To God be the glory!!! ~Missionary Là Tanyha of Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio