Shedding Light on the Subject,

The Unknown Knowledge will take you on a spiritual journey of understanding and experiencing what living and being guided by the Spirit is. (If we live by the Spirit, let's also be guided by the Spirit.)

Author Levern McKenny is very candid about his walk with Christ, and how there are times in life when our faith will be tested through trials and tribulations. In those moments of unexpected news, the core of our spiritual walk is often challenged. Receiving a much needed Word, can be hindered by ones humanistic/soulish emotions.

Author McKenny guides readers through taking a step back, to breath in and breath out(exhale and inhale)…Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, shedding light on those darkest of times, revealing to us The Unknown Knowledge. In-so-doing readers are able to come up higher as Moses did when God called Moses to climb Mount Sinai. Afterwards, Moses whole countenance had changed, why? Because he had been in the presence of the Lord.

Author Levern paints a vivid picture of his journey with and in God. Demonstrating, powerful steps and biblical principles in laying a foundation on how to stop the noise of ‘living in flesh’ and being strong in our “Spirit-Man.”

The Unknown Knowledge will lead and guided you right to the throne room of God.~Missionary Là Tanyha of Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio