"I have had the pleasure of not only meeting such a great Woman of God, but I have worked with her. Her spirit of excellence and her heart to help promote the kingdom of God is clearly shown through her generosity.Missionary Là Tanyha is a person you difinitely want to connect with. Truly a Divine connection." ~Paulette Harper Johnson, Pastor, and Best-Selling Author of Completely Whole


"I am new to Faith ABeliever’s Book Club and Spiritual Food for Thought Radio Show and I must say that I have really enjoyed them both. I have purchased a book and heard different authors. I have learned so much and have made some new friends. I am happy to learn that there is a group for woman like myself (authors) where we can find encouragement and support for and from one another as we fulfill our purpose. I am looking forward to all the new people I will get to meet through the club and hear because of Spiritual Food for Thought-Radio Show." ~Cynthia Robinson, A Member of Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club  and Author of  I am Leah____________________________________________________________

“It was truly a divine connection when God ordained Missionary Là Tanyha to begin the Spiritual Food for Thought Radio Show. Just the fact that she has a heart for authors and shares the journalistic gifts of others is a Kingdom blessing. Her insight and focus is an asset to her God-given gifts, and I am honored to have been one of the guests."~Minister Celeste, Author of the "Sister Girl..." Series


One of my favorite stops during my WNL virtual book tour was my interview with Missionary LàTanyha on her show, Spiritual Food for Thought. Thank you wonderful woman of God for blessing us by promoting our works and being obedient to the Lord!~Lynda D. Brown, Author of The Invisible Enemies” Series


“Missionary Là Tanyha, please allow me to share with you that the Faith ABeliever’s group, Spiritual Food for Thought as well as “Turn the Pages” has been and continues to be a blessing! I so enjoyed our opportunity to dialogue candidly about my novel THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME on “Turn the Pages” on blogtalk radio. What fellowship and spiritual cohesiveness!! God was in the midst and He was GLORIFIED! The mandate God has given you to inspire others to live for Him and unabashedly walk in their purpose is certain to augment the Kingdom! I’m of the unshakable belief that once we know who we are in Christ we will GO and ignite the world with His love using the gifts He has given each and every one of us, making an indelible imprint and impact in the Earth for His GLORY! You are truly an example of knowing who you are in Christ as you are doin’ it Sis! Know that this is just the beginning! Continue to touch, encourage and enhance the lives of the people God has strategically placed in your path! Let your beautiful light continue to shine with before men, Sis. Là Tanyha, that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in heaven.(Matthew 5:16 paraphrased) Continued Favor and Increased Territory Sis…”~M. Ann Ricks Christian Fiction Author of The Blood Done Signed my Name


"Personally, Faith ABeliever's Book Club, is one of the most dedicated Virtual Book Clubs I know! Thank you FaithABeliever!" ~Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, Award-Winning Author of 101 Reasons to Live





"Wow!!...Are the first words I will use for Faith ABeliever's founder and organization. The founder allows our voices to be heard. In life that is the greatest witnessing tool. I am a firm believer in Faith ABeliever and pray that God continues to use it as a voice for the people and a sign of what his heartbeats to see which is people saved and delivered." ~Sharron Wynn-Thomas, Author of Surviving Miscarriages My Journey to Wholeness


“Being part of Faith ABeliever’s Book Club has been a true blessing. Connecting with kingdom liked minded people are as the Word said “As iron sharpens iron,so one person sharpens another,Proverbs 27:17. I also enjoy Spiritual Food for Thought radio broadcast as well..The interviews are always “Powerful.” Continued success my Sister…May God continue to bless the work of your hands.”~Kim S. Moore, A Member of Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club ______________________________________

"Through the Faith ABeliever’s Book Club and the Spiritual Food for Thought radio-talk show, Missionary Là Tanyha has created a virtual atmosphere for healing and growth for mature believers as well as those new to the faith. The featured books are written by everyday people who are not afraid to be transparent by sharing their testimony. Although the topics covered primarily focus on spiritual matters, the subjects are applicable to people of all walks of life and crosses racial and denominational lines." ~ Wanda B. Campbell, Bestselling Author of Kayla’s Redemption


"Thank you so much for your support and introducing so many great Christian authors." ~Tyora Moody, Author of When Rain Falls



“My very first conversation with Missionary La Tanyha, I knew it was a connection that was put together by God. It just flowed heavenly. I’m a new member of Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club, and God has already put His hands on moving things forward in my life with the connections I have made with Faith ABeliever's website. I know that it is going to be well worth my time spent by communicating with all the GODLY things this woman of GOD has in stored for anyone that decide to be engaged in all she has to offer. I am blessed to be part of it.”~Trinisa Pitts, A Member of Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club and Contributing Author of Chronicles of a Walk with Christ






"Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." ~Hebrews 11:1


                    Who is this Woman of Faith?                                                                                                                                        

With a Global Anointing & Mission to empower, equip, and edify women in their life journey, Là Tanyha often challenges women to step outside the box and live their dreams. Encouraging all to continue to reach higher heights and deeper depths within. To best describe her, she is a praying woman, a mother, a teacher, an Inspirational Speaker, and an Author.  Là Tanyha is also the Visionary of her own highly sought out book club Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club. A community of avid readers.  As a highly sought after talk-show personality, and Executive Producer of her own weekly dynamic show, Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio,  Là Tanyha has made leaps and bounds. In January 2013, Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio was ranked the most popular by  BlogTalk Radio, the world’s largest online talk radio outlet. Là Tanyha highlighted a theme show of ‘Living A Healthy & Balance Lifestyle,’ which featured Interior  Designer  Sherry B. Ways, Author of Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating for Body, Mind, and Spirit. This show ranked number 5 out of 88 Design episodes and garnered over 60,000 listeners.  In February 2013, AT&T’s An Ear 2 Future Presents selected Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio’s Interviews with Host Là Tanyha Boyd twice as part of AT&T’s 28 Days of Black History as shown in the links below:

Interview with Film Executive, Minister, Author Devon Franklin: 

Interview with Actor, Model, Host Charles Divins

Là Tanyha is a contributing writer for The Certain Ones Online Magazine, and Living the Victorious Blessed Life Magazine,  and SISTAH Talk Online Magazine. As a powerful  Inspirational speaker, Là Tanyha has been a guest on The Certain Ones Talk Show with Playwright Vanessa Richardson; Minister Celeste Tolliver’s, Write the Vision/Raizin the Praiz Radio, and Encouraging  Moments-The Keva Renee Show. Là Tanyha appeared on Paul Lawrence Vann’s, The Wealthy Speaker Show,  and she was also featured on Paulette Harper-Johnson’s, The Spotlight is On You.

Là Tanyha is the gifted and prolific author of Faith A Believer’s DeVotional: Inspirations for the Soul. Là Tanyha’s passion is to engage, and inspire the multitudes and to win souls across the globe through the airways, her writings, and speaking engagements while empowering others to move forward in this journey called LIFE. Là Tanyha excels in her role as a Publicist to many Best-Selling Author’s, including LaCricia A`Ngelle, Author of Girl Naw! & romance novel Positive Deception. As well as Trinisa M. Pitts Author of The Essence of Me: Life After the Pain.  Missionary Là Tanyha knows and understands that God has raised her up for such a time as this.









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