P.T. Barnum once said… “Without publicity a terrible thing happens…NOTHING!”

Gaining visibility is essential for any entrepreneur or author. One of the best ways to gain visibility today is via the internet, and a virtual tour.

Seemingly odd for most that you can get the word out quickly by going viral. A virtual tour is much like a traditional book tour, but instead of authors traveling from city to city and venue to venue, they travel virtually to a variety of targeted blogs or even different radio shows across the globe via the Internet.

Social Media plays an important role towards the success of a virtual tour AND even after the virtual tour is over.

FAB’s Marketing/Publicity/Coaching team is available to bring you out of obscurity and into the masses. Not only will your presences be elevated, but you will be mentored and taught to continue to do the work yourself. Connect with FAB today to be empowered and inspired to market & leverage your ministry and brand.

FAB Virtual Tour staff will walk you through the process of embarking on a virtual tour for your book, business, music, and or ministry. Providing, simple but yet effective strategies for getting your product and your message in front of thousands. 

Working with FAB Virtual Tours was an investment!            ~Tamika Hall,Award Winning Playwright, Best Selling Author  & CEO of Gospel Insider Magazine

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