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Rena Bullard

Author of

D.I.Y. Color Confidence

Certified Interior Decorator & Realtor Rena Bullard of D.I.Y. Color Confidence

August 11, 2013

About the Author

Rena Bullard is passionate about interior decorating.  As a New York realtor Rena routinely would offer sellers suggestions for staging their homes and has personally staged two of her own homes; both of which sold after only one week on the market.  It didn’t take long for Rena to realize she had a natural gift for design.  In 2009 Rena became a Certified Interior Decorator in 2009. 

Rena has hosted her Blog Talk Radio pod cast show since 2009, where she freely shares what she has learned with others.  She answers design questions, offers decorating tips, and interviews other design professionals in similar fields; like painters.  Her goal is to provide her listeners with as much information as possible.

Rena inherited her love for writing from her mother, who was also an author.  Rena has written for blogs like Art & Home, Creating Great Homes, and writes her own blog, Redecorating Tips.  She has written numerous articles for Ezine Articles for which she is an Expert Writer. As a member of The Society of Decorating Professionals, Rena contributed to their online magazine, “The Decorator’s Notebook.”

Rena’s love of design is evident in the home she shares with her husband, Larry and their two young teens, Isaac and Sarah.

About the Book

D.I.Y. Color Confidence reveals tested, tried, and true techniques for using color correctly to beautify your home.  You will discover how to use color effectively, just like the pros do.

Now is as good a time as any to decorate and transform the home you live in into the home of your dreams.  You can do it with color!  Get ready to learn color facts that will make decorating with color easy.  Rena shares design industry secrets to help you:

1.      Create the perfect mood for your home by choosing the right color.

2.      Combine colors and put together unique color schemes.

D.I.Y. Color Confidence will equip you to approach your decorating project based on knowledge rather than trial and error.  The end result will be a home you will be proud of and best of all, your friends will envy!

Ready?  Set?  Decorate!

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Author Exclusive with LaKeisha Hall

July 14, 2013

About the Author

Evangelist LaKeisha M. Hall is a Philadelphia, PA native who is loved and regarded by many as a prophetic intercessor; she is a licensed and ordained Evangelist and preaches the gospel with precision, power, and authority.

In May 2004 she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and will pursue her Master's degree in the near future. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she is an active member of West Angeles Cathedral under the leadership ...

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Author Exclusive with Best Selling Author Tamika Hall

June 12, 2013

(Listen to exclusive interview click on photo)
About the Author

“Electrifying, Spunky, and Determined,” are words often used to describe Tamika Hall. Tamika has become one of the most sought after theatrical motivational speakers in the United States!  With over 20 years performance experience and nearly 10 years as a professional speaker, Tamika lights up the stage as a Keynote and Conference speaker, leadership speaker, teen dating violence & domestic violence speaker, faith speaker & per...

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April 4, 2013

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FAB Author Exclusive

2013 Urban Literary Award Winning


Author Tyora Moody

Victory Gospel Series

About the Author

Serving up a creative mix, flavored with FAITH 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  — 1 Colossians 3:17 NIV

Tyora Moody is an author and entrepreneur.  Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, was released...

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Bestselling Author LaCricia A'ngelle

February 10, 2013

Click on Photo

Amazon Best Selling Author LaCricia A`ngelle of Girl, Naw! & Positive Deception, Christian novels published by His Pen Publishing. A Chicago native, this wife, mother, licensed evangelist and top selling author is on the rise to the top!

With a writing career that began when she was just a child, LaCricia A`ngelle quickly realized that God had blessed her with the ability and an unrelenting love for the written word. She has taken her childhood talents of writing songs, shor...

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Author Exclusive with Trinisa M. Pitts

January 7, 2013

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Author Exclusive with Trinisa M.Pitts, is a native of Syracuse, NY.  A Woman of GOD, she is a wonderful role model and mother of two beautiful Daughters.  Jasmine L. Knighton 24 yrs old, of Portsmouth Virginia and Dejanaire R. Taylor 22 Yrs old of Schenectady, NY.  She is a member and Assistant Secretary of Shield of Faith Ministries, in Syracuse, NY where Pastor Willie L. Sanders and 1
ST Lady Patricia Sanders resides.  Trinisa started her journey of true and diligent healing in...

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Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer Alicia Waters

December 25, 2012

(Click on Photo)

Sista-Girl Round Table Talk welcomes Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer Alicia Waters! Alicia is a Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer, who serves in multiple roles such as a leadership transition coach, minister, radio personality and speaker and author. She uses her self-branded name as a statement which means that she waters the greatness in others.

In her book Abundance U R IT! She takes her readers on a spiritual and practical journey by helping them to realize that they are in ...

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Best Selling Author Shana Johnson Burton

September 22, 2012

click on photo

Shana Johnson Burton is a two-time Georgia of the Author of the Year nominee and is the author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, Flaws and All, Catt Chasin’, and Flaw Less. She lives in Georgia with her two sons. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, dancing, and traveling. She is currently working on the third book in the “Flaws” series, Flawfully Wedded Wives.

About the Book

The ladies of Mount Zion Ministries are back, and “Flaw Less” picks up where ...

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Author Leslie K. Howard

September 9, 2012

Leslie K. Howard is an Author, Speaker, Playwright, Life Coach, Wife, Mother, and Grandmother, whose professional background is youth and family counseling, She uses both her training and life experience when speaking at community events, churches, conferences, and while mentoring young girls in her group, Daughters of Imani.   Leslie brings the Word and makes it relevant to today’s audience.  Her topics include, but not limited to:  Women of Purpose, Power, & Praise, Ruth A Mother Daughter...

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Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club (FAB) & Spiritual Food for Thought Radio

August 26, 2012

How was Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club-FAB birthed?

Having an understanding that ministry goes beyond the four walls of church…

In the 21st Century, the church(s) dynamic was rapidly changing, as was technology. The internet and social media/networking became the new outreach for ministry and the up building of God’s kingdom. Unsure if I wanted to use this new outlet of communication, I prayed seeking God’s direction. I did know however, that whatever I did, I wanted it to hav...

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Author Sylvia White

August 24, 2012

Born in 1966 in the suburb of the Bronx, Sylvia White has long since left her birth state of New York, and now calls South Carolina ‘home.'

Accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1977 was just the beginning of this author’s lifetime of commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. 

Mrs. White holds to her credit over 34 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education.  Having taught in both the public and private school systems, she holds an Associates Degree in Theolo...

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Author Dr. Dolphus Weary

August 22, 2012

Dolphus Weary (D Min, Reformed Theological Seminary) became one of the first black students ever to graduate from the all-white Los Angeles Baptist College. In 1971, he received a Masters of Religious Education Degree from Los Angeles Baptist Seminary and a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. He returned to Mississippi to work with Mendenhall Ministries, devoting his time to developing his impoverished Christian community. His autobiography I Ain...

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Best-Selling Author Wanda B. Campbell

August 20, 2012

Wanda B. Campbell is an extraordinary and talented writer who brings creativity, a new sense of hope, and restoration through the healing power of God to the Kingdom, by way of Christian fiction. She uses real life everyday issues to exhort, motivate, and give comfort.

Wanda B. Campbell believes there is nothing too hard for God and through His love and power; He can heal you in EVERY area you hurt. Wanda believes with God’s help our darkest time can become our brightest moments. Her primary...

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Award Winning Author Dr. Lily Jenkins

August 19, 2012

Dr. Lily L. Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Lily Jenkins Ministries and Vice President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute. Dr. Jenkins is a woman with many qualifications; she’s a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Christian Life Coach and the first female Certified Purpose Development Coach. She has over 14 years of teaching experience at all levels including the university level as a Professor.

Dr. Jenkins is a mentor for women, young and old. She spends time coachi...

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Faith ABeliever's Blog

Turn the Pages Get to Know some Prolific & Gifted Authors whose strories are told through the power of the PEN. Post by Inspirational Speaker Missionary LáTanyha, Publicist,Visionary,Radio Host and Founder, Faith ABeliever’s Virtual Book Club/Tours & Executive Producer, Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio. "When you want something you never had, you got to do something you never done. Let today be the first steps towards your goals, your calling, your deliverance, your freedom ultimately your destiny and Purpose." ~Inspirational Speaker Missionary La’ Tanyha Boyd

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